KiwiKorrekt provides reliable, prompt and accurate proofreading and editing for individuals, organisations and businesses.  We ensure that your document is error free and of the highest quality.

Creating a good impression is crucial to success, and mistakes or inaccurate translations can destroy the impact of a written piece of work. Incorrect grammar and use of language, bad spelling and misplaced punctuation can all contribute to this. We  will bring your English language document to a high standard to ensure that your meaning is conveyed clearly and accurately.

Native German speakers who write in English do not always recognise inaccuracies in grammar and syntax in their work, and this can detract from the quality. KiwiKorrect proofreading and editing serves are carried out exclusively by a native English speaker with postgraduate university qualifications and extensive experience with written English in a variety of contexts.


  • Dissertations and theses
  • Journal articles
  • Essays
  • Management reports
  • Advertising material
  • Web pages
  • Business correspondence
  • CV’s
  • Job applications
  • Press releases
  • Menus